Enjoying A Game of Lego Chess

Lego chess is a computer chess simulated game which utilizes Lego Minifigs as game pieces. It has various modes depending on the needs of the player. Let us find out what makes each mode different from the others.

In Story Mode, you have a choice between western and pirates theme. Once you have selected the theme, a best-of-three chess tournament against the computer commences. Prior to the beginning of the match, there is a cutscene wherein both players will have to finish a task.

At the conclusion of each match, there is another cutscene where the opposing players either succeed or fail in their task, depending on the result of the game. Once the stories have been finished, you will be given a printable certificate.

With the Tutorial Mode, beginners will have a chance to learn the rules, movement of the pieces, and pick-up advanced strategies. Incidentally, when you compete in a match as the Chess king, you command the black pieces since your clothes are red and the color is the equivalent of black.

In Versus mode, you have the option to select the level of expertise when playing computer chess. Likewise, you can opt for multi-player games or be an observer.

In game play, you can modify the rules of the game to make it compatible with the game variation, although most of these games choose the standard rules. At the course of the game, clicking a piece will give you a picture of the possible locations to put your pieces. If a chess piece is captured, a short animation will be shown depicting the capture of the said piece.

Since each of the game pieces are provided with their individual clips, there are 50 clips all in all; each clip is divided into the two themes. The protagonists in the clip are unique, depending on whether you are playing black or white. Overall, there are 100 individual clips which can be seen in "Scrap Book" after their appearance in the game.

Lego chess has received two awards so far namely Editor's Choice Awards for Children's Software Revue handed out in the United States, and Outstanding Award, Educate On-line in the United Kingdom.

After being silent for several years, Lego Chess was re-released so that it can be compatible with computers running on Windows XP. It is much cheaper than the previous version.

Using your Lego pieces is indeed a fun but creative way of playing computer chess.